Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting

The information on adverse event reporting sites cannot be considered definitive proof that those events were caused by the vaccine.

Each adverse events reporting agency has a similar disclaimer on their site. The sites also do not indicate whether or not further investigation was undertaken to ascertain causality.


However, it is also not implied that the vaccine was not the causative factor either.

"A lack of proof of causation does not equal

proof of lack of causation"


Fact-checkers stress this lack of proof of causation - see the fact check below - and some even go so far as to say that the sharing of the information "in certain contexts must only be to deliberately dissuade people from taking the vaccine". 

It is our view that this statement is biased as it serves to cement a message that discussion that is not positive is unethical. Regardless of the intention of the shared information, the accessibility of it is part of the informed consent process. For a fact-checker to conclude with this remark is out of the scope of their stated purpose which to report solely on the validity of claims that are made, not on the purpose.

Therefore, with this important point made, please interpret the results as you wish as part of your own informed consent process.

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