Infection Fatality Rate (IFR)

The Infection Fatality Rate (IFR) is different from a Case Fatality Rate. The IFR is determined from all of those who contracted an infection, including those who were asymptomatic and did not develop clinical symptoms.


On the other hand, the Case Fatality Rate measures how many fatalities occur after clinical symptoms are observed. In most cases the media reports on Case Fatality Rates which is why most statistics seen are significantly higher.

Papers and articles on the IFR:
World Health Organisation:
IFR Corrected median overall                            = 0.23%
IFR Corrected median for under 70 years        = 0.05%
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Centers for Disease Control:


 0  - 17yo    = 0.002 %

18  - 49yo   = 0.05    %

50 - 64yo   = 0.6      %

      - 65+     = 9.0      %

European Journal of Clinical Investigation:

 IFR (average) = 0.15%