Jabbing Children: Cliff's Notes
Table of Contents:
1. Children have a vanishingly small risk of Covid complications

The infection fatality rate for children is 0.0013%. That's one death in 79,000 cases of Covid. The majority of those cases (87%) had other underlying medical conditions. This is in contrast to the Herald and other media who state that there is one chance in 11,000.  It is not clearly stated in the article that the data is the Case Fatality Rate: that is the death rate compared to those who test positive (there are many infections that are asymptomatic or mild enough to go unnoticed and untested).

2. Children should not be compromised and sacrificed in order to protect the elderly and vulnerable in society. 

It is morally reprehensible to put children at risk in order to protect adults: it should be the other way around. 

3. Vaccines may pose significant risk to children

By far the largest risk to children is developing myocarditis.

4. Vaccine effectiveness wanes very quickly. Continual boosters will be necessary.